About Our Services

MISSION STATEMENT:  To provide ethical, professional, supportive therapy in a safe setting for clients who want to effect change in their lives.

Communication Problems, Anxiety, Grief, Addictions:  These can all be symptoms to get our attention to help soul  healing on a deeper level.

SERVICES:  Individual Therapy  /  Couples Counseling 

                       Workshops / Online therapy /  Education

Individual Counseling:  Involves assisting client in identifying issues that are disruptive or troublesome.  Effective treatment is based on client needs and capabilities.  Call or email for an intake appointment.  I will ask you to briefly state the problem to be sure I am the correct professional to help you.  If I think you will be better served by another professional I will make the appropriate referral.

Couples Counseling:  Focus is on the relationship and how it serves the people involved.  There are a variety of  tools that can be used to aid in improving understanding, and communication.

ONLINE THERAPY:  Online therapy includes Confidential emails, phone sessions, assignments and coaching.  Please email me for more information at    patricia@counselingaz.com


Dream Work – Learn to record and understand messages from you dreams.  Includes educational information regarding the language of the dream, based on the work of Carl G. Jung, Edward Edinger, Robert Johnson and principles of depth psychology.

Group (or Individual) Writing – as a tool to understand your family of origin and ‘Right’ your story.

Personal Growth Groups — Includes educational component pertinent to the focus of the group.
Women’s Growth Groups /Co-Dependency Groups

Mythological Motifs – using myths to symbolically address present day issues such as:

* Psyche & Eros to look at feminine psychological development.

*The Grail Castle to look at masculine psychological development.

*The Fisher King to look at the wounded feeling function in men.

*The Handless Maiden to look at the wounded feeling function in women.

Private pay

Contact:  Patricia@CounselingAZ.com

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