Patricia Cavanagh

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Patricia Cavanagh is a Licensed Professional Counselor through the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health since 2001.   Originally from New York State she has worked in Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers in both  inpatient and intensive outpatient settings.  Through that work Patricia became interested in the effects on all family members both during someone’s addiction and then their recovery.

That road led to widening her practice to other individual and relationship issues.  Helping couples to understand their own inner personality styles and ways of processing information, thus improving their communication, is one of Patricia’s special areas of interest.

Patricia attended Pacifica Graduate Institute, earning a Master’s Level degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus in Depth Psychology.   Her studies there renewed an interest in literature as a tool to understanding individual and relationship issues.  Mythological motifs were also awakened at Pacifica and several of Patricia’s Therapy Groups use mythological motifs as a basis for growth.

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